Financial Strategies based on Biblical Principles. 



We Value People Not Products

Every person regardless of status or profit is a gift to be treasured. A persons value is not measured in their net worth.


Life is hard. Financial Planning shouldn't be. We'll guide you through the process and talk to you in plain English not 'financial speak'. 

Comprehensive Planning

There is more to finding financial wellness than just having the right set of investments. Life never goes in a straight line. Your financial planning should work with you, for you, at every stage of your life. Using our 5 Steps Financial Wellness program we'll work with you to create comprehensive financial planning strategies that are tailored to your unique situation, preferences, current and future goals. 


There is power in understanding your finances and getting control of them. We believe in what we do and we haven't helped until you've taken action. 


We consistently pray for our clients, team members, and ourselves.